Born in Belgium 12.08.1964

Maes is autodidact and started painting in 2002.

2002:Expo Sense Rijmenam
2003:Art-Gallery Marbella-spain
2004:Maison et Object Paris
2005:Decoration Sanderling,castle in de Pinte -Belgum
2006:Luxury chalet, in Courchevelles -France decorated with paintings exlusvely by Maes
2007:High-end decoration stores all over the world buy Maes' paintings:Japan, Russia, Thailand, France, Monaco, N.Y The Hamptons, USA, Spain....
2007:Decoration cruise-ship Virgin islands
2008:A new luxury chalet Courchevelles France
2008:Expo "De heerlijkheid" castle in Belgium
2008:Her work is owned by art-lovers all over the world
2008:Expo Huis-Stijl Keerbergen Belgium
2008:Elephant parade-Antwerp -Belgium
2009:vernisage The Home Project
2009:Expo Life-style event
2009:Expo Huis-Stijl Keerbergen
2009:Expo Maison & Objet Paris

2009:Expo Milaan Italie
2009:Expo jumping Mechelen
2010:Luxury chalet in France
2010:Hotel in Bora-Bora
2010:High-end decoration store in Mosambique
2010:Kunstwandeling in Wakkerzeel BE
2010:Provence - France
2010:Knokke - Belgium
2011:Maison & Objets - Paris - France
2011:Art Gallery Knesselaere - Belgium
2011:Jumping - Mechelen - Belgium
2011:Lineart Kunstbeurs - Gent - Belgium
2011:Het Mineraal - Spa en Sporthotel - Rijmenam - Belgium
2012:Ibiza - Spain
2012:Luxury Hotel - Malaga - Spain
2012:Decoration - Sydney - Australia
2012:Decoration High-end Store - Gent - Belgium
2013:High Point - North-Carolina - US
2013:Vernissage Tour & Taxis Gallery - Brussels - Belgium
2013:Maison & Objets - Paris - France
2014:Vernissage Bard'o
2014:Opening Sotogrande - Spanje
2015:High Point - North-Carolina - US